Saturday, April 23, 2011

Cat iPhone 4 Cases - Artistic and Awesome!

In today's feature, I bring you some really good looking, artistic cases for iPhone 4. Most of these are prints of original artworks. You can find more of each style by clicking on the author's name.

Shhhh... Don't wake this kitty. The night is casting blue shadows over everything, coloring the cat in blue and stars and moons. The cat looks very peaceful, he's having pleasant kitty dreams. It's an incredibly lovely iPhone case.

I adore this iPhone case. It's so colorful, and to me at least, channels the spirit of India. The cat is very unique and expressive with its huge eyes.

Cats a plenty, indeed! This mixed media iPhone design features a multitude of cats, of all shapes and sizes. Beautiful and messy, unique kaleidoscope of cats!

This iPhone 4 case features Victorian painting of a cunning cat, playing Violin for a group of songbirds who sing along.

This is lovely! Modern looking iPhone case design, with lots and lots of cats. The cats are all different and each with an obvious personality. This is the kind of drawing that I like to look at, just to take in all the detail.

Bold and colorful cat design. The cat looks like the sun of a planetary system. Absolutely Psy-cat-delic!

This iPhone case design is simply cute. Little kitten is sleeping on a rug, dreaming its sweet kitten dreams! If you want a case to make your friends go "Awww!", "Cute Kitty Cat Sleeping" is the one.

Artsy iPhone case, which looks like it was drawn on canvas. This cat is watching dragonflies flying over a nighttime lake, wishing he could fly too.

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